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Needful ThingsNeedful Things by Stephen King
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See, the thing about King's novels is that they mess with your head. You get pulled into the story, so much so that you start questioning your surroundings. Needful Things is no different.

When I first found out that Needful Things was the name of a shop, I couldn't help thinking that it didn't sound.... well, grammatically correct. I privately thought that 'Needed Things' or 'Needy Things' would have fitted better.
(Alas, the grammar nazi has chosen to rear its ugly head again. Don't hurt me, Stephen.)

When I read the synopsis, it was attractive, but I don't think it did the story justice. Without revealing too much, the state of the occupants of Castle Rock disturbed me mentally. It was not the kind that scares you; it just made me feel really uncomfortable, in the best way possible-... if that even makes sense. I'll never look at arthritis the same way again, and I'll be weary of great deals for a while (FML).

As with It, the ending seems to be unlike the endings that other authors would normally choose. Maybe that's what sets King apart. He implies that sometimes, faith and belief in the simplest form goes a long way; not unlike the beliefs you would have as a child. Maybe what he's trying to say is that kids are very simple creatures. Imagination and belief runs their life, and they are able to accept most things and move on easily. Adults, on the other hand, can be too practical and overthink every little thing.
Or maybe that's just me.

But Needful Things illustrates the things us humans will do when we're desperate for something. The things we'd be willing to do.

I think that's what makes it even more disturbing - the fact that it hits so close to home: that we become different people when we're obsessed with something.

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