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  ItIt by Stephen King
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Stephen, Stephen.
What do I say?

The main reason I got this book had been because I was going on holiday for a while and didn't fancy going through the trouble of bringing so many books with me. So I brought It and one other book, just in case.

The first 2 or 3 chapters were, I admit, a bit boring. I had a bit of trouble remembering all the characters (I felt that too many characters were introduced within such a short amount of time that I had trouble remembering who was who; especially since King used a surname-basis to describe the initial characters). I was a bit intimidated with the size of the book as well and was apprehensive if I could finish it in time. (I didn't fancy lugging the heavy book back if I could help it, and to save space.)
But about halfway through, things started to get exciting.

I couldn't help connecting It to the Boggart in Harry Potter (hehe), but I wondered how it would fit into the 'real world'.

I expected the ending, both 27 years ago and recent, to be more descriptive in the action; I was doubtful when they confronted It the second time around without so much as a weapon of any sort. I wondered, realistically, what a bunch of kids could do (or rather, hope to do) to destroy something so powerful. The first time they faced It, I wondered if their 'ammo' was sufficient to do any proper damage to It.

And yet, I was satisfied. Satisfied with what happened, and satisfied with the outcome. I felt a bit sad to finish it, and what happens to the group in the end. It was just one of those books where you feel like you've actually lived with the characters, and what happened in the end.. I felt like it was such a waste.
But in a good way.

The way Stephen King does.

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