Review: Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel

Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel by Jane Costello
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yes, this is another book in which I stayed up late to finish.
Because I LOVED it.

Truth be told, the thing that initially drew me to it was that it involved dance being part of it. (That, and it was on sale at the book store.) When I opened the wrapping up, I was hesitant for a while that I may not like the story after all. I couldn't be more pleased to be proved wrong.
I first fell in love with the protagonist because she was so darn clumsy..- like me. I could relate to Lauren's mishaps, and she did things that I would've done too. Halfway through the book, I couldn't help noticing though that the storyline bore somewhat of a resemblance to a bit of what I went through myself. Bits and pieces here and there seemed so uncannily familiar, it felt a bit creepy.
Also, without giving out too much, let's just say Cate's dilemma is the reason why I've never, and never would do what she did; not even in a spur-of-the-moment thing. I'm only too aware of the possible consequences to even dare to attempt such a thing. (That, and I've never thought of myself as attractive enough to even think of doing it).
The little surprise reveal from Emily also had me gasping, because never in a million years would I predict that outcome.
Honestly, it's a hilarious read, and after reading, it's hard not to feel curious about taking some salsa classes. That's all the 'spoiler' I'm going to give. ;)

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