Review: Seriously...I'm Kidding

Seriously...I'm Kidding
Seriously...I'm Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Ellen. I love her show and the way she exudes positivity and everything you could wish to be. To be honest, I didn't know she had 2 other books before Seriously... I'm Kidding. Heh. So shoot me. =p

Truth be told I kinda expected this to be some sort of inspirational book about her life and journey and whatnot. And it was far from it. The book turns out to be just random stuff that popped into her head (probably), laced with the humour she's so famous for. The first few pages already had me chuckling.

To be brutally honest, I was a liiiiiiiittle bit disappointed with it. If I was re-presented with the decision whether to buy the book or not, I probably wouldn't. No offense at all, but while I still would have wanted to read it, I'd have rather borrowed it from a library or something rather than purchase it.

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