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The Shining The Shining by Stephen King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I just finished the book and I'm in a daze. It felt like I had personally lived everything with every page I turned.

I must admit that I hated Jack though. I hated how he blamed everyone else but himself for his drinking problem. I hated how he always felt sorry for himself. Oh boo hoo, everyone's mean to Jack and they don't understand him. He has anger issues and most of the time releases it on Wendy.
Which also brings me to my next point: Wendy also annoys me sometimes. Jack has mistreated her for almost as long as their marriage, yet she still loves him and allows herself to be manipulated by him. Yet, she hates him at the same time. Like WTF.

In the beginning of the book, I admit that I initially couldn't see what all the hype about The Shining was. Sure it did have it's suspenseful moments, but nothing out of the ordinary or akin from other such thrillers.


King definitely has a knack for describing scenes in such detail that it actually plays with your head (I know it did mine). Jack's insanity and the fine line between reality and hallucination was gripping. The moment it engulfed him, I swear I was literally flying through the pages in anticipation. The scenes were described in such a way that I was completely absorbed in the book and my surroundings (in this case, my room,) seemed distant.

when the hedges attacked Dick, I was frantically searching my mind as to how the nightmare could possibly end. It seemed hopeless.
Even as I type this, my heart is still racing in my chest in the aftermath of the climax scene.

NOW I see what the hype is all about.

And I must say that I quite like how the last few chapters messed with my mind. It was something new for me in that sense, and it made the reading experience even more real.

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