Review: The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner The Maze Runner by James Dashner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok so this turned out to be a lighter read than I had expected. Also, holy crap but there were so many alterations to detail in the movie!
I've seen many movie adaptations, but I think this takes the cake for most improvised. Sure, the main content is the same: They're stuck in the maze, the Gladers all appeared without their memories, and the Grievers. I understand if the movie cuts some scenes out due to time constraint, but... scenes weren't even 'cut' in this case; rather, they were replaced with something else.

Anyway, more about the book. As I should.
I got the set box, and truth be told, judging from the movie (which I saw before deciding to buy the books), I had expected the book to be a bit thicker, or at least the words a bit smaller. In other words, I expected there to be more details in the book.

The story was very 'out there', in the sense that it sort of tells you the story. It doesn't leave much room for guessing what happens next. Or maybe it's because I know what happens already.
However, it was still interesting to read, I'll give you that. It's easy to read as the fonts are fairly big and no complicated words are used.

The story is also paced perfectly; nothing is unnecessarily dragged on longer than it needs be. Nothing else to say, really.

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