Review: After You

After You (Me Before You, #2)After You by Jojo Moyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Where to begin? To be honest I didn't know what to expect with the sequel to Me Before You, but I don't think it was this.
First of all, for most of the book, I couldn't stand Lily. I felt that she was rude and obnoxious, and felt no shame. She had no respect for Lou or anyone older than her; and, with me growing up with my mom constantly impressing on us kids the importance of manners and respect, Lily went right up my nerves.
Then there was Mr Traynor and Della, whom I felt I couldn't really stand either. I sort of understood why they treated Lily the way they did initially, yet I felt a bit annoyed at Della. I understood Lily's reaction, but at the same time it irked me how she was always 'woe-is-me'.
In all honesty, plot-wise, it didn't really attract me much. However, I have to put it to Moyes' writing that kept me hooked. I wasn't particularly interested in the story, but the way she had told the story made me read way more chapters than I had planned for the day. (I have this thing where I make it a point to read at least one chapter every day, no matter how busy I am; and I do follow through, unless I'm away for the night or something.)
Truth be told, I never really warmed up much to Sam in the beginning either, I dunno why. He gave off that vibe where I didn't know if he thought seriously of Lou. It wasn't until he made that revelation about his relationship with Jack that I began to feel better about him.
What really got me though, was the closure chapters (the last two chapters). Without giving too much away, the letting go part had me in tears. And then the last chapter, something happened in which I'm only too familiar with, and I completely understand Lou and how she felt. That kinda broke my heart as well. I find that Moyes' books does that to you eh?

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