Review: Soulless

Soulless by Christopher Golden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The beginning started out fairly normal. I was surprised though, that the zombies appeared rather early on in the story. The first description of the zombies made me cringe and my heart thumping.

Christopher has a knack for describing the emotions and expressions of people as they find out about the 'Uprising' endemic. He describes the zombie attacks with great detail and gore, too. I usually HATE anything related to zombies (I have a fear for them), but somehow this book sort of 'drew me in', if you will. There was something about this book when I saw it in a fair that although I had originally picked it up and put it back on the shelves, I was somehow drawn to it and ended up buying it.

It might be just me, but I was craving more zombie scenes. Understandably though, a huge chunk of the book writes about how the people keep themselves alive (or not). I got so engrossed in this book that I jumped about an inch in the air at the sound of someone opening my room door.

I was really eager to find out about how the zombies would be stopped, and to be honest, I was expecting the little knit of survivors (Jack, Matt, Sara, Noah, Tania & Zack) to survive through the whole thing (ain't gonna say more to spoil it!), but yeah.

All in all, it's a very gripping story where the zombies are involved. Just wished there was more zombie action, though. ;)

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