Review: Samphire Song

Samphire Song
Samphire Song by Jill Hucklesby

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love how this story was very... lighthearted, if you will. Although slightly predictable, the story is very pleasant. There are no complicated words or sentences. Even my 20-year-old sister, who wouldn't read any book that has no pictures/illustrations, managed to finish the book in quite a short time, all things considered.

I admit I cried as Jodie helplessly lost Samphire, as I, like Jodie, have helplessly watched something/someone we love slip away. Jill expressed Jodie's loss so tragically that you can't help but feel pain for her. And to top it off with Ed's illness, it was a very noble sacrifice that I think would tug at anyone's heartstrings.

And then when those guys in the forests were hurting Samphire, I actually felt Jodie's rage, and then her desperation as Samphire clung on for life. It was heartbreaking, but without it sounding too depressing.

On a different note, this book was the first book that drew my eyes in a book fair, and I immediately grabbed it when I saw it. And I have to say, there are no regrets.

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