Review: Clouded Vision

Clouded Vision
Clouded Vision by Linwood Barclay

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I knew this book was shorter than most books I've read, and I was expecting to be done with it by evening, at the latest. But I finished it just under 2 hours.

It was a very simple murder story, with the author not going into as much detail as other books I've read. The story unfolded very quickly, and ended as quickly.

The book ends in a cliffhanger that I would have liked to know more about. I know that the author's intention was to probably keep the reader at suspense, but that would have worked better if this book had a second part to it.

It was ok story-wise, and the result of Keyshia and Wendell's face-off made me cringe (due to the happening, not because of the story!).

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