Review: The Last Song

The Last SongThe Last Song by Nicholas Sparks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OK so I stayed up MUCH later than I intended just to finish this book.
Then I took up another few minutes to write up this review. I didn't want to write it the next day, for fear of forgetting the finer details I wanted to write about.

This story is basically your average fairytale-ish love story (with more tragedies), but it's so beautifully written that you can't help but wished it would happen to you.
And I mean the love-story part, by the way.

The basic ending is predictable, but Nicholas just has a way of writing things that... I almost feel attached to the story.

I hated Marcus from the off, and as the story progressed, I began to hate him even more. I sneaked a peek at some of the little scenes from the movie, and honestly, Movie-Marcus didn't look much like how I imagined the Book-Marcus to look like. Movie-Marcus looked more... timid than the book had described. Also, I had imagined Galadriel a.k.a Blaze to look slightly taller and with long straight hair, for some reason. Not like Movie-Blaze either.

Anyways, this book didn't suck out as much emotion from me as The Wedding did, but it was an equally good book. I'm starting to be a HUGE fan of Nicholas Sparks, however the only thing I'm worried about from reading too much of his books is having the idea that the 'perfect guy' is out there somewhere, and further disappointing my already disappointing experiences in my love life, to which I already have too high of an expectation already. ><

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