Review: Claws of the Macra

Claws of the Macra
Claws of the Macra by Trevor Baxendale

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Yes, believe it or not; I'm done. (And I DID say it was light reading, did I not? ;) )
Though I admit I just followed where my choices led me in the story, when I would have normally read through all possible choices.

Also, there was supposed to be an online interactive thing as well that goes together with the book, but when I went to the url, it said that the Decide Your Destiny part has been discontinued, so that's a bummer.

But yeah, I found that this was a children's book anyway too, so no surprises that I finished it in record time.

The choices didn't go forward in the book as most decide-your-own-stories do; this one goes back and forth, which can be a wee bit tiresome after a while. Either way though, like I said, this makes for decent light reading.

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