Review: Plain Truth

Plain TruthPlain Truth by Jodi Picoult
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had to admit.. it was a little hard for me to latch on to the story at the beginning. Similar to what I thought of The Descendants, I found it a bit hard to read. The only reason I kept at it was so I could finish it as soon as possible and get on to the next book I had in my stash.

If I was truthful, the only thing I looked forward to was how Ellie was going to present her defense. I know Jodi (Picoult)is acclaimed for her detailed court scenes and her extensive knowledge of law (in my opinion, anyways). But I have to say, it was a little disappointing. Not in the sense of the trial, though. Jodi never ceases to amaze with her knowledge. I didn't really get the story, but then again, it might just be me.

The thing that DID make an impact on me, though, was the description of the Amish life. As I was reading the book, I got interested in their way of life; how family is of utmost importance, and how unique their idea of blending in (as opposed to 'our world' where everyone wants to stand out). I felt eager to try and live the Amish life myself. Being the social network freak that I am, I think it would be good for me and a good break from it, as much as I'm literally on Facebook almost the whole day. Another thing I know I would take some times getting used to was waking up so early and have literally the entire day filled with doing chores, under the hot sun, with no air conditioning. Coming from a person who perspires like a freaking pig. (I'm not even kidding. >< ) But I DO realise how good that would be for me; a change in lifestyle.


Story-wise, I'm just glad I finished the book. It's definitely one I wouldn't re-read again, though. I've even decided that I'd take a break from Picoult books for a good long while. But who knows? I may just purchase another Picoult series in the future.

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