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Review : Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So yeah, I finished it.
I just... I can't with this book.

The first 15 chapters or so are okay; basically just building up on Jane and her life at Gateshead, Lowood, and then Thornfield.. And THEN it gets interesting.

And I mean really interesting.

I've always had soft spots for the male protagonists in olden novels like these (Darcey, Rochester, etc), and I'm betting it's mostly because they're normally portrayed as rich, romantic, and gentlemen-y. I wouldn't say 'handsome', because in Jane Eyre Mr Rochester is described as not exactly fitting the bill as a 'handsome' fellow.

But MY GOD. I've heard of this book and I actually just happened to pick it up at a book fair last year (Big Bad Wolf) just because the synopsis at the back of the book seemed interesting, and I had wanted to get as many books as I could, and hey, it was a period book. I love stories set in those eras.

But I d…